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Demo Days

It became clearer and clearer the Front Street property was my best option. So I took the next step and hired someone to demo and remodel the inside and outside of 312 Front Street in downtown Laurel. As I look back on all of the summers I spent in Laurel only two doors down from […]

Silver Lining

There were still days that I couldn’t get out of bed for the pain was too much to face. My son was suffering too. We were there for each other. Our family and the people of Laurel embraced us like nothing I have ever seen before. God winks; sometimes those winks get you through your […]

My World Comes Crashing Down

Almost a year and a half since my last blog has passed. So many life altering things happened in that 15 months. Shortly after the August 2017 post and after 23 years of marriage, I reluctantly filed for a divorce. No one (that I know of) ever sets out for a divorce. I tried for […]

Bringing the Pinehurst Name Back to Downtown Laurel

Before the opportunity of purchasing Arthur’s became a reality I had been researching places to rent to display my artwork. I never had a clue that we would have a chance at owning a building. So when purchasing the building was literally dropped in our laps, I knew I had a lot of work ahead […]

Growing Up With Grit: Out of Chaos, Art

READ PART 1: THE BEGINNING After making the transition to Greenville, Mississippi, our Italian family thrived. They still went through very hard times. White people didn’t like Italians. There was a case in New Orleans where five Italian men were framed and hanged for no reason other than their heritage. My family is no stranger […]

Growing Up With Grit: The Beginning

I grew up in what is known as the Mississippi Delta. My hometown was Greenville; a small town that was a throughway for tow boats because it sits on the very edge of the mighty Mississippi River. The towboat industry was big revenue for the town as well as Comet Rice, Vlasic, and hundreds of […]